Verizon Unlocks Samsung Omnia GPS, Gives BlackBerry Slacker Radio and Updated Desktop Manager

samsung-omnia-gps As competition among mobile phone carriers are intensifying, we customers are rejoicing with the new services and features that the carriers are willingly offering us. Verizon Wireless, for instance, in the past few days has come up with new free services and updates for its customers of Samsung Omnia and BlackBerry smartphones.

Unlocked GPS for Samsung Omnia
Samsung Omnia is undoubtedly a pretty Windows Mobile phone. Unfortunately, its users were dissatisfied with its GPS system, which was locked to Verizon VZ Navigator app. Therefore, Samsung Omnia could not use other third party navigation app, including the popular Google Maps. On the other hand, they had to pay around $10 extra every month to avail the Verizon VZ Navigator service. To increase its popularity among its customers, Verizon has finally unlocked the GPS of Samsung Omnia from 17 July. Now Omnia users can install any third party GPS app.

Slacker Radio for Blackberry Storm
Slacker Radio is an interesting free radio service for music lovers. It allows users to design their own customized radio stations. In US, there are over hundred expert-programmed Slacker Radio station, more than ten thousand artists’ station and innumerable personalized listeners’ stations. Verizon Wireless has started to offer BlackBerry Storm users free over the air update of the Slacker Radio app. From now, the Slacker Radio icon will appear on the home screen of BlackBerry Storm smartphone. Moreover, the version of Slacker Radio, which Verizon is offering its customers, will be connected to V Cast Music. When you are listening to a track on Slacker Radio, and if this track is available in the Rhapsody catalog of V Cast Music, a V Cast icon will immediately appear on the home screen, enabling customers to buy the song while listening to it. If you have already installed Slacker Station app from BlackBerry Apps World, you will receive free upgrade from Verizon.

Desktop Manager 5.0 for BlackBerry
BlackBerry users, irrespective of their BlackBerry models, can now download the updated version of Desktop Manager software. Verizon will not charge its customer for this software. This latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager will increase the back-up and synchronization speeds.