Verizon Brings Samsung Haven For Seniors

In a youth obsessed society we tend to ignore the needs of the elderly. Gadget manufacturers create devices that cater primarily to the requirements of the young customers. Cell phone makers are no different. They pack their products with features that largely appeal to the youth. Now Verizon Wireless has decided to give the elderly cell phone users a phone that will meet their specific needs.

Samsung Haven is a new phone designed for the senior citizens, which will be available in the Verizon retail stores from the end of July.

Elderly cell phone users could easily carry this slim and lightweight phone. Samsung Haven has a clamshell body, 100mm long, 51mm wide and 18mm thick. It weighs only 99 grams.

It features an easy to read, large 2.2 inches internal display. For better accessibility, Samsung has incorporated readout menu feature in the phone. Moreover, the elderly cell phone user could adjust the font size to reduce eyestrain.

Samsung Haven has a dedicated key for dialing Emergency 911. The ‘In Case of Emergency’ or ICE button could be programmed to include three contact numbers that could be accessed promptly simply by pushing the ICE button during emergency.

To keep the elderly cell phone users in good health, health and fitness tools have been loaded in the device. The phone carries a fitness trainer app that teaches 15 stretching techniques.

For treating stress, four healing music selections have been integrated in the Samsung Haven handset. Users of this Samsung device could store information on health, allergies and medications in the phone with the help of the medical information application. Five different reminder alarms are loaded in the phone.

Samsung Haven supports voice commands, voicemail and speakerphone. It has a personal organizer with calendar, calculator, stop watch, world clock and currency converter.

This phone can be used for exchanging SMS, MMS and emails. It supports instant messaging through Windows Live, AOL and Yahoo. Samsung Haven also features Verizon Navigator, the navigation service of Verizon Wireless.

The phone’s battery supports up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 14 hours of standby time. It features only 24.5 MB of internal storage space. However, Samsung Haven lacks MP3 player, camera and microSD memory card slot.

Samsung Haven costs only $40 with a two-year Verizon Wireless contract.