Verizon Bringing Pantech World Phone, Launches Global Broadband Modem

pantech-escapade-wp8990vw From the specifications, it is clear that Pantech Escapade would not match the stunning features of smartphones. Nonetheless, this non-smart device could be your true travel companion. The major advantage of owning Pantech Escapade is its ability to stay connected on GSM networks far away from home. This is perhaps enough reason for international travelers to buy this Pantech world phone. Verizon Wireless is bringing this latest Pantech phone in USA on August 21.

Pantech Escapade WP8990VW features
Pantech Escapade is a 3.9 inches high, 1.9 inches wide and 0.9-inch thick clamshell device. It weighs around 3.4oz. The roaming capabilities of this world phone will be supported by a Vodafone SIM card that will be shipped along with the device. Pantech Escapade will run on quad band GSM and dual band CDMA networks. The clamshell design of Pantech Escapade will feature an internal as well as an external display. The 2-inch internal QVGA display of 176 x 220-pixel resolution supports 262K colors. The smaller external 96 x 96-pixel resolution display measures 1.1-inch and supports 65K colors.

This Pantech world phone will feature an integrated camera of 2-megapixel resolution. Besides capturing stills, the camera of Pantech Escapade has video shooting capabilities. Pantech Escapade will also feature Bluetooth connectivity, 2.5mm headset jack, WAP browser and 500 contact phone book. The built-in GPS of the Pantech world phone will be supported by Verizon Navigator for finding directions. Pantech Escapade will be shipped with a wall charger along with three international adapters, allowing users to charge their phones anywhere on the globe. Standard Li-Ion battery, user guides and SIM card will also come with the Pantech Escapade handset. The biggest drawback of Pantech Escapade is the absence of a microSD memory card slot, which will restrict the storing capacity of this Pantech world phone. Pantech Escapade also lacks EVDO support.

Verizon launches global USB broadband modem
Besides launching a world phone, Verizon will also help international travelers to stay connected with a new mobile broadband USB modem. AD3700 has been developed by ZTE USA. It will provide broadband connectivity in over 175 locations throughout the world. It will provide access to overseas GSM, EDGE, EV-DO and UMTS/HSPA networks. This modem costs $79.99 with a two-year plan.