Verizon and LG Launches Own App Stores, BlackBerry Extends Its Store

verizon-wireless-app-store Given the skyrocketing interest of mobile phone users in mobile phone apps, phone makers and mobile carriers are consolidating and extending their individual apps stores. Depending on which part of the world you are in, your mobile phone brand and your wireless carrier there are a series of good news most cell phone users.

Verizon Wireless app store
Finally, Verizon Wireless is all set to launch its own app store. While Verizon customers have reasons to be excited with the news of the upcoming Verizon app stores, but certain things might make them unhappy. Since Verizon will not support any other app store once it launches its own app store, non-Verizon app stores, such as BlackBerry App World and Windows Mobile Marketplace, will not be preloaded in Verizon phones. This would not be a major problem, because after buying a new handset, you are always free to download the app store compatible with your handset. Developers now have to work extra hard if they want their apps to be available from Verizon’s app store along with other app stores. They have to submit the same app to Verizon, which in order to become available in the Verizon app store, should be approved by the carrier. Verizon wireless customers can pay for the downloaded apps through their Verizon account.

BlackBerry App World
European customers of BlackBerry now have a reason to rejoice. RIM is extending its BlackBerry App World to ten European countries including France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Austria. RIM has asked developers to submit localized versions of their apps. Moreover, to allow users to find their desired app easily, improved product categories feature will soon be added to the BlackBerry App World.

LG app store
Inspired by Apple, RIM and Nokia, LG will introduce its own app store. LG will launch its app store first in the Asia-Pacific countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. By the end of this year, LG app store will be unveiled in Europe and South America. However, given the widespread popularity of app stores of Apple and RIM, LG seems reluctant to launch its app store in USA. From the LG application store, you can download 1,400 apps in 15 languages. Hundred free applications will also be available from the store.