vaginitis Several women may not know about bacterial vaginosis. Few women may be aware of yeast infections. Women may suffer from vaginal infections whether they are sexually active or not.

Normal Discharge

Most of the girls may observe either white or yellow stain on their underwear during puberty. This fluid helps to moisten and clean the vagina. Girls are healthy if their discharge has no smell. The discharge should be in cloudy white.

You can use panty shields or liners, if your normal discharge annoys. You can use cotton underwear to control your vaginal discharge. Clean outside area of your vagina using mild soap daily. Try to keep it dry. Avoid using deodorant sprays or deodorized panty liners in the vaginal area. Change of vaginal discharge is a sign of infection. Contact your physician if your vaginal discharge changes.

Vaginal infection

Vaginitis is the medical term for vaginal infection. Vaginal infections include trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. An infection in cervix with chlamydia and gonorrhea would cause vaginal discharge.

Vaginal Infection Symptoms

Vaginal infection symptoms include vaginal burning, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal itching and vaginal odor. Sometimes you may not have any of these symptoms. Your physician would conduct detailed analysis of vaginal fluid to identify vaginal infection. It is better to go for regular checkups to prevent vaginal infection.

If you have relations with more than one person, you are likely to be infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). You may also suffer from STD if your partner has relations with other women. You may suffer from more than one type of vaginal infection. Each vaginal infection is to be treated with care. Don’t hide anything from your healthcare provider to prescribe best treatment.

Use mild soaps to clean your vagina. You should not douche. It will worsen vaginal infection and complicate the treatment. Vaginal infection may even spread to reproductive area if you douche.