Vacation in St. Barthelemy

st-barthelemy If you want to spend a peaceful weekend, relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset, head to the lovely Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy. Unlike other popular Caribbean islands, St Barthelemy is not crammed with resorts and hotels. The seclusion of the island has been restored by an ordinance, which limited careless urban proliferation.

Arriving here
Although St. Barthelemy has a decent airport, but there are no direct flights to the island from major international cities. Your best option would be to fly to Queen Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten and take a domestic or charter flight to St Barthelemy.

You can expect luxury at a modest scale on this heavenly island. The island has about forty hotels and guesthouses. There are less than hundred rooms in the largest hotel of the island. You can also choose to stay in one of the several private villas located on this hilly Caribbean island.

As an overseas territory of France, St. Barths has a distinct French charm around it. Here you will find the latest French clothes and the best French cuisine in Caribbean. Most of the beaches of the island are lovely secluded spot, the perfect places for an undisturbed romantic escapade. Despite its desolate nature, Anse de Grande Saline is a good place for swimmers. It has a few old salt ponds and its rocky dune is worth exploring. Visitors traveling with family would love to venture Anse de Grand Cul de Sac. This is a popular destination for kayaking, wind surfing, angling and bird watching. Anse de Lorient is another popular family beach. A hike along the hill slope to Point Milou is worth taking. Anse des Flamands is the most picturesque beach of St. Barthelemy. You can explore the adjacent extinct volcano. For snorkeling and windsurfing, you can opt for the scenic Baie de St-Jean. Toiny Coast with its rough waves is not recommended for swimming, but this panoramic location is comparable to the Normandy coast.

It will take you hardly over two hours to explore the entire town of Gustavia. Corossal, another sleepy town on the island has a fishing village and a beach. The Inter Oceans Museum, located in Corossol, has thousands on seashells from all over the world on display.