Uses of Honey

uses-of-honey Since ancient times honey has been in popular use not only for its great taste but also for its benefits. Honey finds its use in many home remedies, as it is known to be effective against a number of minor problems. Keep honey at honey at hand for it will prove quite beneficial as an ingredient in many natural remedies. Here’s a list of some of the home remedies that feature honey as their main ingredient:

As an Energy Booster

The constituent natural fruit sugars of honey are responsible for boosting energy, stamina and reduce fatigue. Hence it would do you well if you took a spoon of honey before going for your workout. It will also serve as an energy booster for your children so you can either prepare them a sandwich with honey or give them a drink of warm honey water. But be careful not to give infants unpasteurized honey though older children and adults may consume it.

Effective against Diseases

Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. So, when mixed with cinnamon, honey is known to cure a number of ailments like arthritis, bladder infection, toothache, insect bites, colds, indigestion, skin infections, flatulence and infections.

In Healing

Honey can be effectively used in healing wounds by applying externally as it contains inhibine, a substance known to prevent infection in wounds. It is also effective in the reduction of swelling around the wound.

Effective against Insomnia

Milk when taken with honey is known to help get a good night’s sleep. A glass of hot milk mixed with a tablespoon of honey is very effective in calming the mind and inducing sleep. If you cannot take milk go for a cup of chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey.

Aids Weight Loss

A drink of honey and lemon helps in weight loss. It is a popular diet amongst many who have gone for the weight-loss program. Honey helps to lower cholesterol levels and mobilize fat in the body so that it can be burnt up. This drink is also a good detox and digestive tonic.