Unwanted Facial Hair – Facial Hair Removal Methods

It is estimated that over 20 million American women have unwanted facial hair. This condition known as hirsutism is characterized by presence of hair on the chin, upper lips and even on the cheeks. Hormonal imbalance is responsible for this embarrassing condition.

Causes of unwanted facial hair

Presence of excess male hormone in the female body triggers growth of excess facial hair. Hirsutism could be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. Women suffering from thyroid disorders might suffer from this condition. Diseases such as Cushing syndrome, prolactin disorder or late-onset adrenal hyperplasia could disturb the hormonal balance in the female body. Hirsutism could develop as a side effect of certain medications, topical creams and supplements containing testosterone. Unwanted hair growth could occur during menopause, especially if you are on hormone replacement therapy.

Unwanted facial hair removal

Treating your hormonal imbalance is a permanent solution for your hair problem. While medications are taking care of hirsutism, you can choose a suitable hair removal method for eliminating the unwanted hair from your face.

Shaving is the worst option for removing your facial hair. Regular shaving is bad for the facial skin of women. Moreover, it can hardly slow down hair growth.

If you have enough time and patience to pluck hair follicles rooted inside your skin, you can use tweezers to remove the unwanted hairs from your face. However, tweezing is effective only if there are few stray hairs on your face. Moreover, this is a painful hair removing process. It could irritate your skin. It even increases the risk of scarring.

Hair removal creams
Although hair removal creams or depilatory creams could be used for removing unwanted body hair, they might not be safe for your facial skin.

Waxing is recommended only for removing unwanted hairs on the upper lips. It is not safe for removing hair on the chin. Sometimes waxing causes inflammation and irritation.

Electrolysis is a semi-permanent hair removal method. Make sure that this hair removal procedure is performed by a professional. In this hair removal procedure, hair follicles are destroyed with low-level electricity.

Despite the high cost of treatment, laser hair removal procedure is the best option for removing unwanted facial hair.