Underweight and the Related Problems

underweight Underweight

Under weight is also a problem as that of over weight. For being a healthy person you must have an ideal weight. If your body mass index is less than 20 that mean you are under weight. If you are 10 percent less than the ideal weight that mean you are moderately under weight and if you are 20 percent less than ideal weight that mean you are markedly under weight.

Symptoms of Underweight

Being an under weight personal you may feel tired with lack of stamina. At times you may also have fatigue. Most probably you will be less resistant to diseases and infections. In severe cases there may be problems related to menstruation.

Causes of Underweight

Underweight can be due to several reasons like metabolic disorders, hereditary factors, malfunctioning of internal organs especially the digestive organs, intestinal worms, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, cancer, depression, anxiety, hyperthyroidism etc. Certain other factors like poverty, famine, torture, excessive exercising, loss of appetite etc may also cause under weight. Dieting that is being followed in an unhealthy manner too creates underweight problems as it will be difficult for the body to recognize dieting and starvation.

Remedies for Underweight

Milk Treatment

In this treatment the patients at first have to starve for three days on only lime juice mixed with warm water. This will help the patient to clean the digestive system and helps to eliminate the toxic accumulations. Then from the fourth day patient has to take a glass of milk at two hourly intervals between 8 am to 8 pm. On fifth day he has to take a glass of milk in every one and a half hours and on six day one glass in every one hour. Finally on the seventh day he has to take a glass of milk in every half an hour. Milk being a complete food may help the patient to get an initially pull and there after he may gain weight with a well balanced diet.

Milk and Fruits

You can add a lot of fruits and milk in your daily diet. The fruits will nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and sugars while mil provides a lot of protein. Mangoes plays an important role in gaining weight and if you take a mango followed with a cup of milk every day then it will help you to gain weight. Instead of this you can also take mango shakes ever day.

Bran and Fruits

Consume 150 gm of bran with some fruits every day. Especially papaya with bran will work as a good appetizer. It may improve your digestion and at the same time will reduce constipation too.