Types of Toe Rings

Toe Rings Types of Toe rings

Toe rings are a type of jewelry worn on the toes. They are small and circular rings with beautiful designs. Earlier it was a traditional ornament which married women used to wear. But now a day’s even college girls wear this and it has become a trendy and stylish accessory. Normally toe rings are available in pairs and they are worn on the second toe on each foot. Most of the toe rings that are available in the market are adjustable type. Nonadjustable toe rings made of stones, crystals, beads, gems are also there. There are different types of toe rings and some of them are

Types of Toe rings

Toe Band

Toe band is made for the big toes and the latest trends are toe band made up of sterling silver. There are simple bands having no ornamentations for daily wear. While for parties and wedding ceremonies the bands ornamented with color studs, minakari works and diamonds are also available.

Double Toe Rings

These are toe rings that cover the entire toes. Even though these rings look ethnic they are very uncomfortable to wear.

Men’s Toe Ring

These are huge rings or refined bands that are classic works available in platinum or gold.

Customized Toe Ring

Even customized toe rings are now available with particular words, zodiac signs, names, special symbols etc etched on the ring. Even toe rings having lucky stones embedded in it are available. Toe rings having small balls attached to it are also seen in the market and these balls will make sound while moving the legs.

Materials Used for Toe Rings

Sterling Silver Toe Ring

These are the most widely used material for making toe ring now a day. They are the most smoothly polished toe rings with studded stones or engraved designs. Most widely sold out in international market and young women prefers to have this.

Gold Toe Rings
Golden toe rings with stones studded or engraved are popular now. Even floral designs are engraved in these rings.

White Metal Toe Ring
It gives the appearance of platinum and is available in both glossy and matte finish. This can be used for wearing in both casual and formal occasions.

Stainless Steel Toe Ring

This type is popular in India, China, Italy etc and is available in all modern designs. Thin and chunky rings with stones beset on them are popular among people.

Glass Toe Ring

These are inexpensive toe rings that meet the fashion trends of these days. There are transparent, colored and stained toe rings in the market.

Even plastic and ivory toe rings are now there in the market.