Turkey Sandwiches

turkeysandhwhiches Turkey Sandwiches

Turkey sandwiches are very easy to make and most of the people like it. Many mothers prefer it to be a part of their kid’s lunch box. The following steps may help you to make different types of turkey sandwich.

Hot Brown Turkey Sandwich

In most of the places hot brown sandwiches are very popular. For making this you need
Toasted sandwich breads- 8 slices
Sliced turkey-34 pound
Condensed cream of mushroom soup- 2 cans
Water- half cup
Mild cheddar cheese, shredded-half cup
Partially cooked bacon- 8 slices

Take the toasted bread slices and cut them diagonally in to halves. Now place the one halves on an ovenware plate or baking dish. Then place the sliced turkey on top of the toast.

Get a saucepan and in it mix half cup of water and two cans of mushroom soup and heat it till it becomes smooth. Then take the sauce in a spoon and spread it over the turkey slice. On top of the sauce sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese. Then you can keep two bacon slices each on top of the cheese sprinkle and cover it with other halves. Then keep the sandwiches beneath the broiler till the cheese gets melted. Now serve your hot brown turkey sandwich.

Turkey Club Sandwich

Ingredients for turkey club sandwich

Lightly toasted white fine grained bread especially made for sandwiches -12
Mayonnaise- 8 tablespoon
Washed and dried green lettuce leaves-8
Thinly sliced roasted turkey breast- half pound
Thinly sliced cured ham-half pound
Thinly sliced tomatoes-8
Crisply cooked half cut Bacons –six strips

For a single sandwich spread three pieces of toast with mayonnaise and above the first toast keep a lettuce leaf and quarter portion of ham and turkey. Then place the second toast over the turkey and ham. Again top second the toast with a lettuce leaf, two tomato slices and three bacon half strips. Then cover it with the third toast slice and secure the sandwich with the help of a tooth pick.  You can make four such sandwiches from the above ingredients and can cut each in to four triangles for better serving.