Tummy troubles symptoms and treatment

stomach-ache If you had been suffering from a severe stomach ache then you must not overlook it. It does not happen only because of indigestion, there are many reasons behind it. This is called as the irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon. This is a kind of serious stomach disease that happens due to functional bowel disorder. The main symptoms of this disease are severe pain the belly, diarrhea, constipation and irregularity of the bowel habits.

There are also some cases of bloating of the stomach. However this disease is not so powerful that it will destroy the intestines, but you must take adequate care to protect yourself. This disease can be cured by proper diet, managing stress and taking the correct medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

Detection of the illness

Some of the symptoms which indicated the occurrence of the disease are- irritation in the large intestine, loose motion continuing for about ten to twelve weeks, tummy ache, blood in the stool, weight loss in a small amount of time, irregularity in bowel habits and stress, anxiety or depression. These symptoms are considered for detection of the disease, so it must be taken great care off.

Stress and spastic colon

Stress has a great impact on the bowel problems because some of the nerves of the brain are directly attached with the stomach. You van recover from the stress with the help of proper exercise, meditation and changes to the stressful situations.


This disease has no specific treatment other than following the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. The patient and the doctor should share a very good relationship. Sometimes the patients tend to change the doctor, which must be prevented so that long term treatment can be done. It is also the duty of the doctor to calm the patient and make them understand that it is not a serious disease but only a functional disorder.