Trying To Conceive

Motherhood is usually the most enjoyable phase in a woman’s life. However, preparing oneself for conception is not necessarily an easy task. Some women conceive easily. Others try different strategies to attain their target. If you are one of those countless women planning conception, these tips can help you to become pregnant.

Trying to conceive

The moment you tell your friends that you are trying to conceive, advices for successful conception will arrive from all directions. Most old wives tales and conception myths will not help you to conceive. For successful conception, follow only the advices based on scientific facts.

Ovulation cycle

Knowing the most fertile days in your ovulation calendar could help you to conceive easily. One of your ovaries will eject an egg in the middle of your monthly menstrual cycle. For a 28-day long menstrual cycle, ovulation usually occurs on the 14th day. However, the length of the menstrual cycle might vary every month. An ovulation monitor or ovulation kit could help you to predict the exact ovulation date by measuring the hormone content in your urine. Women trying to conceive should assign the most fertile days for the sexual acts. The mucus in the cervix could help you to determine the fertile days. Small amount of mucus is present in the cervix before ovulation. After ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes thick.

Positions for sex

To help the sperms to enter the uterus directly, the man should lie over the woman. Placing a pillow under the hip of the woman might help the sperms to move into the uterus easily.

Morning sex

Sperm count is highest in the morning. Sex in the morning will increase your chance of conception.

Reduce stress

Stress makes conception difficult. Both you and your partner should learn stress management techniques to avoid fertility problems.

Lose weight

Obesity can cause fertility problems. By attaining the right body mass index, you can conceive with least difficulty.

Avoid caffeine

Excess caffeine intake might adversely affect your ovulation cycle. If you are trying to conceive, limit your caffeine intake to one to two cups of coffee per day. Caffeine is also present in tea, chocolates and carbonated drinks.


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