Tropical dreams – plan a tropical island wedding

tropical island wedding A wedding is after all a wedding. Whether it’s at home or in an exotic location, you’ll still be married at the end of the ceremony. However, if you’re going to tie the knot and have been dreaming of a tropical vacation, why not do both at once? Have an elegant wedding on a tropical island and enjoy a vacation/honeymoon.

It may seem like the impossible dream but proper planning and organization will ensure a wonderful wedding. Even if you think you’re the perfect host/hostess, remember that you’ll probably be hosting your wedding reception in another country. And when you’re in Rome, you must do as Rome does.

The right person
You’ve found your dream partner in life and are ready to walk down the aisle. But there’s another person you need to find: your wedding coordinator. He or she is the person who will assist you in all your wedding requirements from dress to food and music.

Most importantly, he or she will take care of the technical details – the nitty-gritty of planning a wedding abroad like flight and hotel bookings, vendors etc.

Do your homework
Even if you’ve found the perfect wedding coordinator, don’t get too comfortable. You still need to do your own basic research. Make sure all your documents are in order as they will come in handy when applying for a marriage license.

Don’t dawdle
Start planning as early as possible. Remember that the climate in tropical islands is very different from that of other places. Besides, they are in great demand with beach lovers and holidaymakers. Organizing a wedding might become difficult if you’re not able to book a decent hotel.

Know your tropics
Chances are that whichever tropical island you choose will have its own unique customs, flavors, rituals etc. Incorporating these in your wedding will only enhance the theme of your tropical island wedding. Think of palm fronds, mimosas, orchids along with the sand and sea as you plan out the details of your wedding.

Say ‘I do’ in style at a tropical wedding!