Trip To Egypt

When you talk about Egypt, the images of pyramids, the sand dunes and the Nile conjure before your eyes. For ages, Egypt is the favorite destination among travelers. There is so much to see in this wonderful country, which no traveler could hope to cover in a single vacation. Here are few attractions of the country that you should not miss.


Your vacation in Egypt would probably start from Cairo. Despite its fair share of modern constructions, Cairo still retains its predominant medieval Islamic flavor. The first destination of visitors is the famous Egyptian Museum. It would take more than a day to see the entire collection of the museum.

If you are on a long vacation in Cairo, you can find some time to visit some other museums and galleries housed in the city such as the Agricultural Museum, Coptic Museum, Egyptian Textile Museum, Gawhara Palace and Museum, Museum of Islamic Ceramics. While exploring this Egyptian city, you will come across several palaces, mosques, churches and synagogue. Your trip to Cairo will remain incomplete without visiting the traditional marketplaces of the city. If you are looking for some amazing lingerie, you should go to the Sharia al-Muski. Visit Souq al-Gammal to see how the traders buy and sell camels.

Pyramids of Giza
To the west of Cairo stands the Pyramids of Giza. As soon as you arrive in Cairo, you would at first head to this four thousand years old wonder of the world. Remember to take a camel ride across the desert. The ‘ship of the desert’ would take you to Sphinx. From here, you can travel to the Step Pyramid in Sakkara. If you want to travel further, your camel will take you to Memphis, which was once the capital of the Pharaohs.

Nile cruise
The luxurious Nile cruise will take you to the ancient temples that stand on the banks of the Nile. Tourists usually begin the Nile cruise from Luxor. The cruise would take you to the West Bank of Luxor, where you will come across the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. After exploring the West Bank, your cruise will sail to the East Bank of Luxor. Here you would explore the famous Temple of Karnak. Your trip would end after watching the sunset at Aswan.