Tricks to Remember Names of People

remember-names-of-people Not everyone is good at remembering all the important things. Some people suffer from weak memory and tend to forget important things every now and then. Especially the names of individuals become difficult for them. However, it is very important to remember the names at special occasions (social or professional). If you can’t call out the name at the right time, you feel embarrassed. It looks good when you address someone by his/her name. It is like respecting the presence of the person. Follow the tricks below. They will certainly help your remember names individuals.

Write down the names: When you meet someone new, try to write down the name for several times in your personal diary. If you don’t get any diary at the spot, write it down after coming back to your home. Writing something down on paper is a very effective habit of remembering.

Listen carefully: Listen to the name of the person carefully when you are introduced to him/her. Utter the name again and again in your mind so that your remember it. When the person goes away, speak out the name to yourself. This is a very effective trick to remember names.

Create links: Another very tricky way to remember names of individuals is to create associations with the names. When you hear a name, try to create a link between the name and something of your interest. Creating such associations is a very healthy practice to remember people’s names. Thus whenever you will talk about or think about that particular interesting thing, the name of the individual will pop up in your mind.

Ask again: If necessary, you can ask the person to repeat his/her name once more. May be you were unmindful and couldn’t get the name properly. So, you can definitely ask the name again. Don’t feel ashamed because it is quite natural with every people. Asking for someone’s name for the second time is not a crime.