Treatments for Hair Split Ends

hair-split-ends Treatments for Hair Split Ends

Hair split ends are also called Trichoptiosis. Here the protective layer of the hair called cuticle will be looted from the tip of the hair and thus the hair tip becomes very brittle and dry. This results in the splitting of the hair tip in to two or three. The regular wear and tear happening to the hair, exposure to sun, pollution, wind, exposure to chemical products like hair color, hair blow dryers, heat iron, dying etc and vigorous brushing may leads to split ends. Another reason for split ends is malnutrition.

For completely curing the split ends you have to trim your hair but when the hairs begin to lengthen the split end may reappear. But with some home remedies you can prevent the formation of split ends.

Home Remedies for Hair Split Ends

Hibiscus Leaves

Pluck the leaves of the hibiscus plant and rub it with some water. This will give you a thick solution. Now apply this solution on your scalp and make foam on your head. Then rinse the scalp thoroughly with water. This will help you to nourish and moisturize your hair.

Oil Treatment

Take equal quantities of coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil and mix them well and heat it for a few seconds. Apply this luke warm mixture on your scalp and also on the hair. While applying the oil make sure that you are applying it from the root of the hair towards the tip. This will make your dry hair soft. You can also apply coconut oil on the scalp and wrap your head with a warm and wet towel. Leave it on your head for about 15 minutes.

Egg Treatment

Take one egg and beat it well to make a fine mixture. Then apply this beaten egg on your scalp and massage the scalp well with your hands for about five minutes. Then wash the hair thoroughly with water.

Hair Mask

Make a hair mask at your home with avocado. Mash the avocado and apply it on the wet hair. Leave it on the hair for about 20 minutes. You can also add olive oil to the avocado mash and can apply on the head. Wrap the head with a wet and warm towel to enhance the action. Instead of avocado you an also use mayonnaise.


Add four or five drops of vinegar to the water and wash your hair with this water. This will impart life to your dull hair.