Treatment for Bruises

treatment-for-bruises Treatment for Bruises

Bruises are otherwise called contusion and it is formed due to the rupture of blood vessels seen under the skin. The skin does not rupture while the tissues just below the skin will become steeped with blood. When the blood vessels become weak it ruptures easily. This results in swelling, discoloration and pain in the affected area. Bruises become red at first and then turn to dark blue.

Deficiency of nutrients and vitamin C leads to the formation of weak blood vessels and there fore leads to bruises. Vigorous and heavy exercise leads to tears in blood vessels. Normally bruises are harmless and they won’t cause any infection. If you are subjected to bruises more frequently then it must be noticed.


Apply a mix of grated onion and salt on the affected area and it will help you to relieve the pain and swelling. Even a sliced raw onion will help you to get relief.

Place a banana peel over the affected area and this will help you to reduce the discoloration and pain. It will also speeds up the healing. You can bind the banana peel on the bruises with a bandage.

Keep ice on the affected area as soon as possible as it will help you to stop the building up of swelling. It will also stop the discoloration and relives the pain too.

Mix two tablespoon corn starch with one tablespoon castor oil and apply this mixture on the bruise and bandage it with a damp clean cloth.

Include foods that are rich in iron and vitamin C in your diet. Include fresh vegetables and fruits like citrus fruits, broccoli, sweat potatoes, cauliflower etc. try to include garlic in your food as garlic is a good antibiotic. Drink a lot of water, juices, soups etc.

Prepare a tea with comfrey root or buchu and apply this tea over the bruises. This will help you to relive the pain and the discoloration.

Make a paste of parsley with one teaspoon butter and apply this paste over the bruises.

Take turnip or daikon (Oapanese radish) grate it in to small pieces. Then apply these grates on the bruises and allow it to be there for 30 minutes. This will help you to clean the internal bleeding and thus prevents it from turning blue or black.