Treating Acne During Pregnancy

Teenagers and young adults are not the only ones bothered by acne. Acne breakouts can even occur at any point in the adult live. Changes in the hormonal levels during pregnancy, often makes a pregnant woman susceptible to acne breakouts.

Acne during pregnancy is a common skin problem. Other than ruining the appearance of the mother, it is not harmful for the health of the mother or the growing fetus. However, a pregnant woman, who tries to get rid of the tiny bumps on her skin with acne medications, might harm her unborn child.

Causes of acne during pregnancy
Acne breakout usually worsens in the first trimester of pregnancy. Women prone to acne breakouts before periods are especially vulnerable to acne during pregnancy. The elevated levels of pregnancy hormones increase sebum secretion in the skin. The skin becomes oilier. The excess oil secretion produces the ‘pregnancy glow’. Women with dry to normal skin in the pre-pregnancy days will realize that their skin has become healthier during pregnancy. However, in some women, the excess oil secretion will clog the pores of the skin, leading to acne breakouts. Acne might not be limited to your facial skin during pregnancy. It might even spread to your body.

Treating acne during pregnancy
To remove the excess oil from your skin, wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day. However, avoid excess cleansing. Excess washing might irritate your skin, further aggravating oil secretion. Use oil free makeup and skin care products. Stress during pregnancy might worsen oil production. Managing stress during pregnancy could help to reduce the acne menace.

Stay away from acne medications during pregnancy. Isotrentinoin, a common acne medication, is associated with miscarriage, birth defects and stillbirths. Tetracycline, an oral antibiotic medicine, should be avoided during pregnancy. It can impair proper development of bones of the fetus. Common topical medications containing salicyclic acid and tretinoin might not be safe during pregnancy. However, acne medications containing benzoyl peroxide are safe for pregnant women.

To reduce acne breakouts, you can wash your face with mint or basil juice. You can use rose water as a skin toner for reducing excessive oil secretion.