Treat Cellulite With Mesotherapy

If you are wondering how to remove the ugly cellulite from your skin, you can try mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a new medical procedure for removing cellulite, body fats and for treating wrinkles and sagging skin.

Mesotherapy process
In mesotherapy a concoction of plant extracts, vitamins and homeopathic medications are injected into the skin to melt the fat, facilitate growth of new cells, and to tighten the skin. Before moving ahead with the treatment, the therapists will give two injections 24 hours before the mesotherapy treatment to check signs of allergies.

If the patient does not develop any allergic reaction, a topical numbing cream is applied to the affected area of the skin. The mesotherapy concoction is then injected. The results are usually visible after two to three sessions. Mesotherapy is not a permanent solution to your skin problems. It could not stop aging of the skin. However, through nutritious diet and regular exercise the results of the mesotherapy treatment could be maintained for a long time.

Mesotherapy side effects
Mesotherapy might cause mild bruising, which usually heals naturally within a week. Your therapist might prescribe homeopathic medications for speeding up the healing process. Some people complain of soreness, which might last for a day or two. After the facial treatment, you should avoid wearing makeup for about four hours.

For up to 8 hours after the treatment, the patient should avoid hot showers. You should not take any stimulant or caffeine before the treatment. A high protein diet is beneficial for the patient after the mesotherapy treatment.

Benefits of mesotherapy
Mesotherapy could treat cellulites, by breaking down the fat cells, repairing the damaged connective tissues and promoting blood circulation. It can promote fat loss by breaking the existing fat cells and by preventing further storage of fats. This fat reduction property of mesotherapy is often comparable to that of liposuction.

However, according to mesotherapy practitioners, unlike liposuction, mesotherapy does not allow the fat removed from one area of the body to reappear in another part of the body. Mesotherapy could be used as an anti-aging treatment. The vitamin injections could rejuvenate the skin cells and promote synthesis of elastin and collagen.