Treasure chest: planning a treasure hunt party

treasure-hunt-party Parties sometimes tend to fall into a routine where people carry on their own group conversations for the rest of the evening. At your party, you can involve everyone in a grand celebration with a treasure hunt that will spice up the festivities.

Children as well as adults can participate in a treasure hunt. Even if your party is planned around a different theme, you can adapt a treasure hunt to it.

Purpose of the hunt

You need to catch people’s attention with an interesting story. Why is there a treasure hunt? The queen’s crown has been stolen and a reward has been offered to he who finds it. Or a bank robbery has taken place; the thieves have been caught but the money is hidden somewhere. Make the story as exciting as possible.

You can also use popular Disney movies, adventure stories, the popular pirate theme or a Harry Potter quest. Add a twist to the actual story and plan your treasure hunt around it.

For example, Shrek is not an ogre but a prince who has been cursed. Only the lost royal crown can help transform him into a human again. You get the picture!

The clues and the treasure

Instead of spending a fortune on the ‘treasure’ and party decorations, make them at home. Involve all family members and friends in making streamers, flags and clues.

For the treasure, you can buy artificial jewelry and papier-mâché crowns. For the boys, you can include super hero capes, Spider-man’s ‘stolen’ costume etc.

Role playing

Have the adults dress up as characters that complement the theme of the treasure hunt. They can carry clues with them to help the participants of the treasure hunt. They can also narrate a tale, clue, puzzle etc that the treasure hunters have to solve to move ahead to the next step.

The big bang

Finally, when the treasure is found, treat the winners with special food and drinks and small individual prizes.

A successful treasure hunt will make your party a fun-filled and memorable evening.