Travelling on the Orient Express

orientexpress Agatha Christie might have immortalized the Orient Express with a murder, but for the wanderlust, this luxury train is the most famous mode of exploring Europe. Perhaps not the ideal transport for tourists visiting Europe on a tight budget, but if you want to enjoy a few days amidst opulence it is difficult to find an alternative to the ornate Orient Express.

The route
The original Orient Express connected Paris to Istanbul. Over the years, the route of this luxurious European train has changed several times. Currently what we know as the Orient Express is actually the Venice Simplon Orient Express. It runs between Venice and Paris. The journey covering eight days and seven nights will take you to some stunning places of Europe.

A one-way journey on the Venice Simplon Orient Express between Venice and Paris would cost ₤1335. For a return journey, you have to pay ₤2005.

From Venice to Paris
Usually this train leaves Venice from the Santa Lucia Station in the late afternoon. Traveling through the picturesque Italian Dolomites and Austrian Alps, this train will take you through the scenic Slovakian countryside in the following morning. When you see the Tatras Mountains, you will realize that the train is heading to its next destination, the fabulous Polish city of Krakow. You can spend two nights and a day in this vibrant European city. Explore the stunning medieval architecture. Walk through the market square, visit the Cloth Hall, Royal Castle and the Cathedral and buy some amber jewelry from the quaint stores of the city. After Krakow, the next destination of the Venice Simplon Orient Express is Dresden in Germany. Framed by the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Ore Mountains, Dresden standing on the banks of the Elbe is noted for its architectural splendor and lush greenery. Much of the city was destroyed by the bombings during the Second World War. Rising from the ashes of destruction, like a true Phoenix, Dresden is currently a repertoire of European culture. More than forty museums stand on this German city. Dresden houses a huge collection of international art. The 18th century Zwinger Palace and the Frauenkirche Church are prominent attractions of the city. After spending two nights and a day in Dresden, the Venice Simplon Orient Express will leave for Paris, where it will terminate its journey.