Track Happiness, Check Drunken State With IPhone

check-drunken-state-with-iphone IPhone apps are not only designed to handle serious issues, but it can also help you to address the lighter side of life. Latest iPhone apps can help to monitor your inebriated state after enjoying a hearty drink in the pub. There is also an iPhone app, which will locate your happiness level.

Walk the Line
Walk the Line is not any alcohol tester. This app designed for Grolsch, a brewer from Netherlands, will access the funny side of alcoholics. With the help of the integrated accelerometer of their iPhone, users can find out for themselves, whether they could walk in a straight line after drinking. Walk the Line is developed to help people, especially the young adults, understand the importance of drinking responsibly. This app asks users to walk in a straight line. At the end of the walk, you are given a score out of hundred. Steady walkers will get a high score. A low scorer is advised to relax and have a glass of water. This app is currently being used by Grolsch to check revelers in the North Sea Jazz Festival in Netherlands. Walk the Line will be available in the App Store from next month.

Track Your Happiness
Are you a happy person? Do you know how a person can be happy? If you want to find answers to these queries, you can download Track Your Happiness app on your iPhone. This is not solely a happiness tracker application, but it is also part of an ongoing psychological research project.

Harvard’s Matt Killingsworth is relying on this app to unravel the secret of happiness. To become a part of this project, you must sign in at You will have to answer a series of questions on your personal life and beliefs. Then you will receive repeated SMS and emails via your iPhone, asking you to notify how you are feeling and what work you are doing at that moment. Depending on your response, you will receive a happiness report. This report will tell you what makes you happy. This app perhaps could help iPhone users overcome the stress of daily life.