Toys for New Born

toys-for-new-born New Born

If you have a new born at your home, then you will be interested in collecting toys for them. While choosing the toys for your new born you must recognize certain things. Babies in their first two months will sleep for a long time and they require 12 to 16 hours sleep. During the rest of the time they will be ready to play.

Babies initially have a vision close to 8 to 14 inch focal length and hence they will be more attracted towards big objects and bright colors. They can even recognize the music, slow movements, sounds etc and they even try to hold objects. While choosing a toy for the new born you have to consider such things.

Toys for New Born

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are those toys that make sounds on pressing. These toys may frighten the baby at first and later the baby will realize that his/her activity produced the sound. Then the baby will be happy to repeat the process and in this process baby will learn to control his movement.

Toys with Movement and Sound

There are certain toys that make slight sound along with slight movement. If you tie such toys on your baby’s cradle then baby will listen to the sound and the slight movement will catch his attention. Then the baby will move their hands and legs in order to catch the toy. This gives a very good exercise to the baby.

Hand Held Toys

While choosing the hand held toys try to choose the soft ones. This is because the babies will be learning to hold the toy and while doing so they may hit the toy on their on head. Once the baby got the toy in its hand then he/she will shake it and will be happy to watch the movement of the toy.

Colorful Toys

Babies will be able to recognize the contrast colors like red, yellow, white, black etc. toys having such contrast colors will also make them happy.

Unbreakable Mirrors

If you offer the baby an unbreakable mirror then the baby will be very happy to see its face on the mirror even though the baby can’t recognize the image as its own. They will start taking to their image and will smile also. This gives them a security feeling of being someone with them.