Touch Pack for Windows 7 Introduced

windows-7 If you were not completely satisfied with the touch screen features of beta and release candidate versions of Windows 7, then look for the upcoming feature packed Touch Pack for Windows 7.

Window operating system users from all over the world had previously downloaded Windows 7. However, the touch screen features failed to satisfy many users owing to several reasons. While it was not possible to utilize the Windows 7 features in a PC that was not multi-touch compatible, the absence of the proper drivers and apps failed to enhance the popularity of Windows 7 among a large number of Window users.

The Touch Pack for Windows 7 is packed with three games and three exciting surface applications. The games are Microsoft Blackboard, Microsoft Rebound and Microsoft Garden Pond. The surface apps are Microsoft Surface Globe, Microsoft Surface Collage and Microsoft Surface Lagoon.

Microsoft Blackboard
In this game, you are required to bring balls and balloon to a light bulb. To reach your target, you must solve puzzles. The player must use gestures to move and reshape gears, fans and seesaws.

Microsoft Rebound
The idea of the game is to direct a ball around an electrified court to exterminate your opponent. This is a multiplayer game.

Microsoft Garden Pond
This is comparably a more peaceful game. Simply use gestures to move several origamis to certain locations in a pond. It is quite interesting to watch the ripples created when your hand encounters the virtual water.

Microsoft Surface Globe
This is a virtual globe that can be touched, moved and rotated, just like a real globe. This multi-touch globe with its Virtual Earth 3D engine creates a 3D image of the world. Besides helping you to find your desired location, this multi-touch 3D globe provides 3D image of specific cities.

Microsoft Surface Collage
This feature allows you to select a photo gallery, move and resize the images.

Microsoft Surface Lagoon
This is an interactive screen saver, displaying the underwater life.