Tonsillitis Treatment

Tonsillitis Treatment

An acute inflammation that  effects  the tonsils is called tonsillitis. The inflammation in turn cause enlargement of the tonsils and it may become red in color. Tonsillitis if left untreated may cause ear infection too.  The infected person may have sore throat, pain around tonsil area, fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing etc.

Tonsillitis is caused by virus or bacteria and it may spread easily from the infected child to other. Here are some home remedies that may help you to ease the discomfort of tonsillitis.

Remedies for Tonsillitis

Lime Juice

Take a glass of warm water and to this squeeze one fresh lime. Then add a quarter teaspoon salt and four teaspoon of honey. Mix them well and sip the liquid slowly. This may help you to reduce the inflammation.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetables like cucumber, beet root, carrot etc are ideal for tonsillitis. These vegetables juices can be taken together or separately. If you are making a mixed juice then take 300 ml carrot juice, 100 ml cucumber juice and 100 ml beet root juice. Mix the entire mixture well and drink this daily.


Garlic is found to have good healing properties. This is because garlic is having good anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties.

Goldenseal and Echinacea

Make a tea with goldenseal and Echinacea and drink this tea. You can also use this tea to gargle your throat.

Fenugreek Seeds

Take one liter of water and to this add two tablespoon fenugreek seeds and boil it in low flame for half an hour. Allow the mixture to cool down. Now use this mixture to gargle your throat. The entire quantity must be used in one day.


Mix one glass of boiled milk with a pinch of pepper powder and turmeric powder. Take this mixture daily at night just before going to bed and continue this for three nights. This may help you to reduce the inflammation on tonsils


You can mix two teaspoon of onion juice with warm water and use this mixture to gargle. Instead of onion juice you can also use mint leaves with warm water and can use this water for gargling.

While doing all these you need to keep your body clean and take a warm water bath. Also ensure that you have proper bowel movement daily. Otherwise take warm water enema for proper bowel movement. This may help you to reduce inflammation by removing the wastes and toxins from the body.