Toddler Sleep – Sleeping Pattern of Toddlers

Sound sleep is necessary for every human irrespective of age. Toddlers are no exception. Parents often wonder whether their one or two year old children are getting enough sleep.

The sleeping patterns of toddlers vary from child to child. Some toddlers are night owls, who appear unsettled during the night, whereas others follow a consistent sleep schedule during the night.

How much sleep a toddler needs

Usually toddlers sleep for about 12 years. However, the child might not sleep throughout the night. Often the sleeping hours of the child is split between nighttime sleep and daytime naps. The average one or two year old might not sleep for more than six to eight hours in a row.

The nighttime sleeping pattern of the child might be influenced by the frequency of his daytime naps. Toddlers usually take one to two naps in a day. He/she might take a short nap for about 20 to 30 minutes or the child might sleep for up to 4 hours at a stretch. If your child sleeps more during the day, he might not sleep through the night. Your child would fall asleep late in the night and wake up for a brief period early in the morning, before returning to sleep.

Getting toddler to sleep

Getting your toddler to sleep in the night is a challenging task for most parents. By following a regular nighttime sleep schedule, you can help your child to sleep for a longer time in the night. However, it is advisable not to adhere to any rigid routine. By reducing the length of naps, your child could get more sleep during the night. Keep your child busy throughout the day. Start the bedtime routine soon after dinner.

Giving your child a warm bath or narrating bedtime stories might help the child to fall asleep. If your child goes to sleep early, he would wake up late in the night or early in the morning. As parents, you should decide the correct time to send your toddler to sleep, so that he could sleep through the night. To prevent your child from waking up early in the morning, pull the window blinds in the morning, to keep the room dark. Remember to check the diaper of your child, leaky diaper can disturb your child’s sleep in the night.