Tired Eyes – Remedies For Tired Eyes

Focusing your eyes on the computer screen for a prolonged period will tire the muscles of your eyes. ‘Tired eyes’ is a common problem of the present day world. Poor sleep and pollution can even make your eyes appear tired. The puffiness of the eyes and the dark circles under the eyes are signs of persistent eyestrain. Fortunately, tired eyes is not a serious problem. They might not damage your eyes. Nonetheless, to get rid of the puffy and tired appearance of the eyes, you can try these simple home remedies.

Tired eyes – remedies

Eye exercises

As soon as you feel that your eyes are becoming tired, shift the focus of your eyes from your computer screen to a pleasant subject. Blink your eyes for a few seconds. Close your eyes for a few minutes. Simple eye exercises could help to overcome the eye strain. Rolling your eyes and moving them horizontally and vertically could help to strengthen your eye muscles.

Home remedies

Drench cotton balls in chilled water. Squeeze the cottons to remove the excess water. Now close your eyes and place the cotton balls on your eyelids for at least five minutes. Instead of water, you can dip the cotton balls in cucumber or potato juice. You can even place thin slices of cucumber or potato on your closed eyelids.

Juices of cucumber and potato help to relax the eyes. You can relax your eyes by placing cool teabags on your eyelids. Add few drops of lavender essential oil to a cup of water. Dip cotton pads in the water, squeeze to remove the excess water and place the cotton pads on your closed eyes. They could reduce puffiness and erase the dark circles. To prevent puffiness, elevate your head with two pillows while sleeping.

Eye cream

Eye creams could cure the dark circles and puffiness of your eyes.

Make up

If you don’t have the time to lie down and relax your eyes, a cleverly done eye make up could cover the tiredness of your eyes. A concealer, about two shades lighter than your skin tone, could cover up the dark areas around your eyes.

Watch green objects

Focusing your eyes on green objects could help to refresh your eyes.