Tips to travel the red eye

travel the red eye Some people look forward to flying in an airplane. Others may detest the very thought of being in an airplane. Red-eye flights could be either the most liked or most dreaded; these flights operate only during the night time.

Generally, a red-eye flight leaves at night from the west for a destination in the east and reaches in the morning because of the time-zone changes in the west and east. Due to these changes, passengers often feel tired as they do not get proper rest.

On the other hand, business travelers find red-eye flights most convenient. For them, it is best to depart at night and reach in the morning in order to get an early start on the day’s work.

A red-eye flight has some advantages. It is often less expensive than other flights that leave during the day. This flight might be less crowded than day flights; thus there is less noise. Those unlucky enough to have annoying co-passengers may have to resort to certain tactics to ensure a good flight.

Preparation for a red-eye flight
Most people are light sleepers who can’t sleep at all in any place other than their own home. The least you can do is try to be comfortable, if sleep continues to evade you.

Carry your own shawl or rug in a tote bag as you might be more comfortable using a coverlet from home. Wear clothes that will allow you to stretch out or fold your legs easily. Carry an extra pair of clean socks so you don’t have to keep your shoes on all night while trying to sleep.

An eye mask helps block out light and good ear phones will keep out unwanted sounds as you’re trying to rest. Put on some soothing music that will lull you to sleep or at least snooze for a short period of time.

Both aisle seats and window seats have their advantages and disadvantages. So if you have to catch a red-eye flight, prepare in advance to ensure a good journey.