Tips to tackle children’s food fads

kide28099s-eating You spend hours making the most nutritious snack for your kid. But, when you call him to eat; he frowns on seeing the dish prepared for him. Instead, he asks for something radically different- a packet of chips instead of the snack and bangs the table when refused.

This is just trail vision into children’s food fads and fuss. All parents come across their kid’s eating problems at some point in life. And to think of it, it is quite natural for kids to behave in that way.

After all, most of us must have frowned during our childhood years when our mothers forced us to eat broccoli.

But the important thing is dealing with such food fads. Here are some tips to follow:

Do not force-feed you child if he/she is not willing. Some parents often witness deliberate puking attempts on behalf of their children when they are forced to eat something.

Like everyone else, children have some likes and dislikes when it comes to eating. For instance, some children do not like to eat fruits. What to do in such cases? Well, one solution to such a problem is to change the way one presents and prepares the food for them.

Instead of providing plain sliced fruits to the children, try to innovate the presentation technique. Make a fruit punch out of the fruits. Add a scope of sweet yoghurt to the mix or even add the fruits to low-sugar custard.

This ensures that the children get their nutrition and also their fad is taken care of.

Another process is to find supplements to essential nutritious food items. For example, most children hate to gulp down plain milk. You can get over this habit by turning the milk into vanilla milkshake.

Or feed you kid yoghurt, cheese and milk products. This ensures that your kid gets his/her daily dose of calcium.

There is still another option for feeding such children. Vegetables are disliked by many children. So what to do? Essential vitamins and minerals are needed for their proper development. And vegetables are the richest source of such nutrients.

You can make them eat vegetables by mixing them with their favorite food item. For instance, if one’s kids like to have noodles then chop some vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, peas etc. and mix them with the noodles. Make it slightly spicy so that child likes to eat it.

It takes time for children to get over with their food fads, but ultimately their taste buds do develop with time.