Tips to Satisfy a Woman

satisfy-a-woman Some of the women tend to look for another person for sexual satisfaction. Men don’t need to worry about losing their girl friend or wife. Simply follow the following tips to satisfy a woman sexually.

Men should be relaxed after work. They should concentrate on the activity. Have bath and feel fresh. Confidence is the first step to achieve success.

Ask her to have a bath and wear a nice attractive dress. See her mood. Some women may not have interest in intercourse. Let her feel comfortable to have sex. Having a satisfactory intercourse is an art. Age is not a problem. Keep your mind young and fresh.

Kiss her. Slowly move your hand on her body without first removing the clothes for few minutes. Don’t get hurry to have sex. Allow enough time for her to get ready for sex.

Slowly touch her breasts. Kiss her on neck and other parts of the body. Slowly touch her stomach, back and neck while kissing on lips and face. Her body is sensitive. You need to stimulate her. Slowly keep your fingers and circle around her nipples. Slowly touch the nipples with your fingers and gently rub without pressure.

Undress her slowly. Undressing is an art. Don’t get hurry to undress her. Turning on a woman varies from person to person. The same techniques are not suitable for all the women. Ask her how she will get satisfied and what type of methods she likes.

Women get turned on slowly when compared with men. So, men should have patience. On turning on, she would get satisfied very fast. Try to insert your finger into her vagina and stimulate for few minutes. Kiss her breasts and neck. Gently touching the nipples plays a vital role to stimulate her at a fast pace. Check if she is wet. If she is not wet she may be faking.

Have a look at her body as if you are seeing her for the first time. Show too much affection. Start the intercourse when she gets ready slowly. Don’t increase the speed in the first instance. Control your ejaculation. Slowly prolong the intercourse until she gets satisfied. She will never leave you. She will kiss you many times if she is satisfied and will not leave you to go.

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