Tips to Remove Lip Makeup

42-16581797 Removing the makeup from your skin is as important as applying the makeup. If you don’t remove it properly, your skin might react negatively. You might suffer from skin rashes, pimples, acnes and various other skin allergies. So, it is very important to clean your face, eyes and lips before going to sleep. Lips are very much involved in the eating process. So, the makeup particles can enter your stomach with the food through the lips, if they are cleaned properly. Besides, lips are also very sensitive and should be taken care of. Follow the tips below for removing lip makeup.

Rose Water: Rose water is a very good ingredient for removing makeup from your skin. Lip makeup can also be removed by rose water very easily. For that you have to take a piece of soft cotton ball or cloth. Wet the cotton with the rose water and rub that gently on your lips. Gradually the makeup will come out in the cotton.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil or olive oil is another very effective makeup removing ingredient. You have to dip a small piece of soft cotton into the oil and start rubbing it on your lips. After few moments, you will see the lip makeup coming out in the cotton piece. It is one of the best ways of removing lip makeup as the oil softens your lips and doesn’t hurt them. Always be careful while removing your lip makeup. You should never be harsh with your lips.

Milk: You can also clean you lips with milk. Take a piece of soft cotton ball and dip it in the lukewarm milk. Then rub this wet cotton ball on your lips for a few minutes. The milk cleans your lips properly and also makes your lips softer. However, you must resist yourself from licking the milk from the lips.