Tips to Make Thin Crust Pizza

Crust Pizza Thin Crust Pizza

Thin crust pizza dough is very popular in United States and Europe and they are using thin crust dough for their traditional pizzas. Thin crust dough will help you to taste the pizza toppings, pizza sauce and cheese more than that in normal pizzas and it won’t give you a feeling of fullness. The following tips may help you to make thin crust pizza.

Tips to Make Thin Crust Pizza

First you need to get an envelope of dry yeast. Then mix the yeast with ¼ teaspoon sugar and ¾ cup of tepid water. Stir the mixture well and keep it for 10 minutes. This will help the yeast to foam.

Take a large bowl and to this add one and three fourth cups of plain flour and care should be taken to use unbleached plain flour. Then mix the flour well with half teaspoon of salt. Or you can sieve the salt and flour mixture for five or six times to get a fine mixture. Then add the yeast mixed water to this flour mixture and knead well. If the dough is sticky while kneading then you can add flour to your finger tips and then knead. You can also do this in a food processor and in food processor it takes about 30 seconds. Make a soft and smooth ball out of this flour.

Now you have to roll out this flour ball with your hand till you get a twelve inch base. While rolling out care should be taken to roll out the dough evenly. Then take a pizza pan and grease the pan with some oil. Place the rolled out pizza base on this pan and use a fork to prick the surface of the pizza base. This aids in removing the air bubbles. Now you can arrange the prepared pizza sauce and toppings on top of your pizza base. Then bake the pizza at 500 degree F for about 12 minutes. If you are using a fan assisted oven then your pizza will be ready in 7 to 8 minutes.

Slice the delicious pizza and serve it hot.