Tips to Make Mock Sangria

Mock Sangria Mock Sangria

Mock Sangria is a perfect drink that can be served in parties. You can make mock sangria with hard liquor as well as with out any alcohol also. Mock sangria made with fruit juices and white grape juice can be given to diabetic and heart patients also. Here are the tips for making mock sangria.

Take two cups of chilled orange juice and one cup of low calorie cranberry juice in a pitcher. To this add one cup unsweetened chilled white grape juice and stir well. Then add one liter of chilled carbonated diet lemon lime beverage and stir well.

Now take one cup of fruit sliced in to pieces like wedge shaped cut oranges, thin slices of lemon and lime, red and green seedless grapes, pineapple wedges, peeled and pitted peaches, strawberries cut in to halves etc.

Get some tall glasses and add ice cubes and the sliced fruit mixes in to the glass. Now add the juice mixture in to the glass. Garnish your drink with sprigs of mint and you will get at least 10 glasses from it. Per serving provides 61 calories, 15 gram carbohydrate, 25 gram sodium, 1 gram fiber and 1 gram protein with zero cholesterol and fat.

If you prefer you can add hard liquor in to this drink or you can turn the liquor in to ice cubes and can be added to the drink.

Non Alcoholic Mock Sangria

If you want to make non alcoholic mock sangria for your friends who won’t take alcoholic products, then mix all the fruit juices in a large bowl or pitcher. To this add about two liters of chilled sprite or 7-up. You can turn extra fruit juices in to pretty shaped ice cubes and can add in to the glass. Then add the freshly cut fruits of pineapple, strawberry, seedless grapes, peaches, lemon, lime etc in to the glass and pour the juice and sprite mixture in to the glass. Then the fruit and beautifully shaped ice cubes will float on top of the drink and will also add flavor to the drink.