Tips to Make Ice Tea

Ice Tea Tips to Make Ice Tea

Apricot Iced Tea

Apricot iced tea is made with apricot nectar, black tea, spearmint etc. Apricot iced tea is considered as a health drink as it contains only a negligible quantity of sodium, fat, cholesterol, proteins etc. Hence it is considered as a heart and diabetic friendly drink. It contains seven grams carbohydrates and provides thirty two calories in each serving. The black tea is a source of caffeine that can stimulate central nervous system, heart and can relax the muscles of the respiratory tract. Black tea also contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, tannin and polyphenols. The following steps may help you to make apricot iced tea.

Tips to Make Apricot Iced Tea

Take twelve cups of water in a pan and boil it. Now add one cup fresh spearmint and sixteen black tea bags to this boiling water and allow them to steep in the water for about five minutes. There after strain the tea and discard the spearmint and tea bags. Then keep the tea covered for about one hour at room temperature. To this tea you have to add two teaspoon vanilla extract and apricot nectar of about six cans which is a ready to drink liquid to the tea and keep it covered. You have to keep this mixture in the refrigerator for about four hours to two days.

You can make 21 servings with this tea. Add ice cubes in to a tall glass and then pour the tea over these ice cubes. You can also garnish it with wedges of apricot or spearmint sprigs.

Apple and Honey Iced Tea

This is another tea that is also found to be healthy. Honey is found to have antioxidant properties which help you to get rid of the free radicals from the body. It is a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Apple is also a good source of polyphenol and flavonoid.

How to Make Apple and Honey Iced Tea

Get three cups of water in a pan and boil it. In this boiling water steep four tea bags for about five minutes. Strain the tea and keep it cool. To this add three cups of apple juice and 1/3 cup of honey and mix them well. Now keep the mixture in refrigerator for chilling. This will give you six servings.