Tips to Look Younger

look-younger There is no way to go back to your younger days, but we all crave for this impossibility. When the skin starts getting wrinkled, and the hair fall increases, you know you are not that young anymore. However, there are some unique ways to cut off some years from your look and look much younger than you really are. For that you have to maintain your figure and apply some unique makeup techniques. Some of these tips are discussed below for your help. Check out the suggestions and hide your age easily.

Short Hair Style: To look younger you should keep your hair length short. Shoulder length hair style makes you look much younger. So, don’t let your hair grow beyond your shoulder.

Thick Eyelashes: Thick eyelashes also make your appearance younger. Apply Castor oil on your eyelashes to make them grow thicker. However, you can always apply mascara to your eyelashes so that they look much thicker.

Glossy Lipstick: Use glossy lipsticks to look younger. The shine of these glossy lipsticks make your lips look thicker.

Skin Treatment: You must keep your skin healthy and tight to look younger. The wrinkles of your face play an important role in making you look older. So, massage your face regularly with upward strokes so that the skin doesn’t droop easily.

Drink Lots of Water: Drink as much water as you can everyday. Water keeps your body hydrated and brings out all the toxins from your body. Besides, water also brings a natural glow to your skin that helps to look younger.

Exercise: Regular exercise is a must to keep your figure in shape, remain fit. Wake up early in the morning and engage yourself in some exercise or go out for morning walk for at least half an hour. To look younger you have to be slim.