Tips to Look Slimmer

look-slimmer Not everyone has a figure like a super model. We all are ordinary people, but the influence of the glamour world is very strong especially upon the fairer sex. Everybody wants to look slim and stylish. Though it is a little tough to become slim as it needs a lot of exercise and at least one month’s time, you can at least look slimmer temporarily by following some effective tricks. These tricks really work wonders and make you appear thinner. Some of those unique tricks are described below for your help. Check out the tips and look much slimmer than you really are by creating illusions to your friends and family.

Vertical stripped clothes: Try to wear clothes that are designed with vertical stripes. The vertical stripes create an illusion of thinness. When you wear such clothes, you look much slimmer and it is a fact. So, try to buy clothe which have vertical stripes. Also try not to wear clothes that don’t fit you. Avoid wearing lose fitting dresses as those will make you look fatter.

Black clothes: Research shows that people who are fat look relatively slimmer when they wear black clothes. The color black has a power to create and illusion of thinness as well and help you look slim enough. So, buy a lot of black as well as dark colored clothes. Not only back, but other dark shades of colors also make you look slimmer.

High heel Shoes: When you look taller, you automatically look slimmer and it’s a proven fact. So, what is the wait for? Start wearing high heel shoes to look comparatively slimmer and taller. If you have problem in wearing pencil heel shoes, you can go for the shoes with high flat heels. In these shoes you will not have any balance problem for sure.