Tips to keep Children Away From Television

Tips to keep Children Away From Television

If a toddler is watching TV too much they it will be difficult for him to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This is because the reasoning ability of a child develops only after seven years old. There fore toddlers who are exposed to fantasy, violence etc will have that images in their brain and it will be difficult for them to face reality. They may develop an insecure feeling with in them and it may affect their personality later. Too much TV may also spoil their concentration and may also affect their vision.

Tips to Avoid TV

First thing you need to do is to talk to your kids about the defects of watching too much TV. You have to explain that they are neglecting other healthy activities because of TV and you prefer them to be healthy. Hence you are going to regulate their TV time from now onwards.

Sit with your child and make a TV reduction plan. Note the important programs that your child want to watch and adjust the TV times to 1 to 2 hours per day or even less on week days. If there are more programs then your kid have to choose the best preferred for reducing the time. Switch off the TV once the program is finished and never allow them to run it in background.

Avoid placing TVs on the bedroom and kid’s room and keep it in public area so that you can monitor them easily. Also avoid TV on during morning hours. While cutting the TV time you need to provide alternatives for your kid. Take them for outing or play with them. If they have interest then provide them materials for craft, drawing, books for reading etc. also encourage them for outdoor activities like football, rackets, Frisbees, cricket. This helps to do exercise while enjoying the game.

While advising your kid for avoiding TV, you need to practice this by yourself too. Also give them rewards for not watching TV. This will increase their interest towards other activities and they will learn to enjoy the life while facing the realities.