Tips to Get rid of Dark Underarms

Dark Underarms

Dark underarms are an embracement to many women as this prohibit them from wearing sleeveless dresses. Dark underarms may be the consequence of dead skin cells, sweating, regular shaving, improper cleaning, use of certain deodorants etc. Sometimes dark underarm may be accompanied with bad smell, itching etc. Here are some home remedies that may help you to get rid of the dark underarms.

Remedies for Dark Underarms


Use a freshly cut lemon slice to rub on the underarm. This may help you to remove the dark color on the skin.

Turmeric Powder

Mix a tablespoon of curd, one teaspoon gram flour and a pinch of turmeric powder with one teaspoon of milk. Spread this paste on the underarms and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then rinse off with cool water.

Take fresh juice from cucumber and lime and mix one teaspoon each of lime juice and cucumber juice. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to this mixture and make a paste out of it. Spread this paste on your dark armpit and leave it there. When the paste becomes dry wash it off with cold water.

Baking Soda

After taking a bath you can also apply a little baking soda on your armpit and this is found to have good effect on reducing the dark color.

Coconut Oil

Use coconut oil to massage your dark underarms and this helps you to remove the dark color.


Rub your underarms with a freshly cut slice of potato or apply potato juice on the armpit and keep for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Vitamin E Oil

Apply vitamin E oil on your underarms.

Rose water and Sandalwood

Make a paste out of sandalwood powder and rosewater and apply this paste on the armpit. Keep it till the paste gets dried and then wash off.

If you have a habit of shaving your underarms regularly then switch to waxing that may help you to remove the hairs completely along with dead cells accumulated on the underarm. Also try to wear lose cotton clothes that avoids the friction between the cloth and the skin.