Tips to Gain Weight

Tips to Gain Weight

While most of the people exercise regularly to reduce their weight there are some people who are very thin and skinny and it will be difficult for them to gain weight. if you are a skinny person and want to gain weight then first check your lifestyle and eating habit.

You may surely be eating a poor diet that consists of less protein and carbohydrates . If you want to improve your physical appearance then here are some tips on how to gain weight.

How to Gain weight


In order to gain you need not eat all those junk foods, chocolate, chips etc. Instead of this increase your daily calorie intake and consume extra 1000 calories per week to gain half kg in a week. The normal calorie intake per week for a normal man is 2200 calories and for a woman 1900 calories. In order to add extra calories include foods that are rich in proteins like chicken, beef, milk etc. Also include more vegetables like pulses, beans, peas etc and vegetables that contain starch in it like tapioca, rice, potatoes and nuts. Instead of the three big meals include five or meals a day and this will help you to improve your calorie in take. Proteins are necessary for building up the muscles.

Free Weight Exercise

Practice free weight exercise that aims on your large muscle groups. Free weight exercise helps you to stimulate the greatest number of muscle fibers and helps to build muscles. Free weight exercise may also help you to avoid obesity in the process of gaining weight. Free weight exercise includes the use of dumbbells instead of the great gym machines. If you can do these exercises under supervision then it will be the best.

Consistent in Your Weight Gaining Program

Once you start be consistent as it requires sometime to show the weight gain. After trying for a small period don’t get frustrated and give up. If you stick on a smart diet and free weight exercise then you can go past your predetermined genetic weight.


  • I find that easiest way to figure out how many calories you need to consume to gain weight is to take your current weight and multiply it by 18.