Tips to avoid spam on yahoo

spam on yahoo Spam emails are those mails that are just crap. Email spamming has increased at an alarming rate in the past few years because of the increasing amount of internet marketing. But you will be happy to know that yahoo has some powerful features against spam mails, if the settings are fully configured. Yahoo has an automatic capability to sort out the junk emails and just deploy what you want to read. Here are some steps that will tell you how to configure spam settings in yahoo.

At first you have to click on the options tab on the top right of the screen of the yahoo mail site. Then from the drop down list select “mail options”, you will be navigated to the mail options window with the “general” tab selected by default.

Click on the “Spam” tab in the window. The first option you will find there is “Spamguard”. You should make sure that the option “Automatically send suspected spam to my Spam folder” is checked so that yahoo redirects all spam mails to the spam folder and not to the inbox.

If you find that some unwanted emails are being sent to you which you want to put in the spam or trash folder, then you can try the filter option. Click on “filters” in the left column and you are ready to set as many as 100 filters with some recurring phrases or texts from the emails you think to be junk.

You can also delete some emails automatically upon receipt; you just have to put them under the “blocked list “ in the “filters” panel.

Sometimes some online marketing companies subscribe some newsletters or recurring promotional emails to your inbox. So if you find these emails harassing then open the email and at the end part you will see a link as “Unsubscribe”. Click on the link and you will be automatically unsubscribed from their list. These should be done to decrease a lot of spamming in your inbox. Never subscribe to any promotional schemes in any online site that you find to be insignificant.