Tips for Women after Childbirth

women-after-childbirth It is a wonderful period for women after childbirth. A woman needs lot of energy to take care of her child and to recover after childbirth. She gets tired generally during the first six weeks of postpartum. It is a matter to concern if she gets very tired and not able to perform her normal duties. If the fatigue is preventing her from normal work, she may be suffering from anemia caused by deficiency of iron.

They might have lost lots of blood during the birth of a child. She might have given birth to twins. If more blood is lost, she may experience infections, fatigue and dizziness. She also may face problem with breast-feeding and needs long hospital stay.

Anemia is a serious health problem and should not be neglected. Several women feel that it is a common issue. It affects both the child and the mother over the long time if not treated in time. It may lead to postpartum depression. She may get worried and may not care for her child properly. It affects the early stage of childhood development.

Postpartum anemia can be cured.

Steps to Prevent Postpartum Anemia

The women should build up their iron by consuming diet rich in iron during pregnancy. This helps to provide necessary iron for the growing baby apart from overcoming iron deficiency after childbirth.

Consult your doctor to identify the levels of hemoglobin and iron and to suggest suitable remedy to enhance iron levels. Possible measures include intravenous iron treatment, blood transfusion or drug injection. The physician would also recommend supplemental iron pills, prenatal vitamins and diet rich in iron.

The recovery from anemia may depend on the severity and the chosen treatment. The recovery would be fast if you go for blood transfusion.

If you have any problem in consuming iron supplements owing to diarrhea, vomiting, nausea or constipation, consume half of the dose and increase it gradually to the recommended level.

When to Resume Intercourse

It is better to wait at least 5 weeks till your cervix, vagina and the body returns to normal condition. Don’t forget to use condom for first six months.