Tips for Traveling While You’re Pregnant

Traveling While  Pregnant Tips for Traveling While You’re Pregnant

Traveling during pregnancy is quite normal but you must take extra care while traveling. If you are having a normal pregnancy then risks are less when compared to a high risk pregnancy. Traveling during a high risk pregnancy has to be avoided as it won’t be a good decision. The following tips may help you to travel while you are pregnant.

Plan Your Journey

If you are planning for a long journey then plan it in your second trimester. The journey during first trimester will be difficult as you may have morning sickness during this period while the journey during third trimester seems to be dangerous and there are chances for premature birth too. Never plan for air journey during the third trimester. Many of the airlines won’t allow you to travel after 35 weeks of pregnancy. During the second trimester most of the ladies feel better and they may have more stamina than the rest of the period.

Tips to Have a Comfortable Journey

While traveling it is better to wear clothe that are loose. Always wear dress in two or three layers. So that you can remove the layers in case of hotness or can keep it if it is cold. You must take a small pillow that may be useful to keep behind your back and helps to avoid the back pain. Try to keep your luggage as light as possible so that you need not carry heavy bags. At the same time keep a small bag that contains some water, snacks like whole grain crackers, nuts, fruits, chocolate etc with you. Drink a lot of water and try to avoid the salty and fried foods. Wear a comfortable shoe that is preferably flat. This is because while traveling the chances for getting swollen feet are more.

If you are traveling in a plane then choose a seat on the front row as it may help to have an easy boarding and settling down. More over the toilet will be near by and you can move to toilet easily. If you are traveling through road, then take rest in between and try to use the restroom..

Now relax and enjoy your journey.