Tips for Shiny Hair

tips-for-shiny-hair1 When someone praises you for your healthy and shiny hair, it feels really good. However, shiny hair doesn’t appear one fine morning. You have to struggle hard to achieve healthy hair. The hair should not only be shiny but also strong enough at the same time. So, you need to know the ways to take care of your hair and make them beautiful. Here are some tricks to make your hair stronger and lustrous in a very short time. Check out the simple and easy tips below and apply these hair treatment procedures for your hair. Enjoy your long shiny hair and enjoy the praises you deserve.

Shampoo your hair: In this polluted world, it is very difficult to maintain your hair. Once you go out the dust particles stick to your hair and make it dirty and sticky. So, you have to shampoo your hair at every alternate day to keep them clean. Also apply conditioner after shampooing your hair as it will make your hair soft and shiny. The conditioner also make your hair manageable.

Apply Henna: Henna is a very good ingredient for hair. Take henna powder (required amount) in a bowl and make some liquor with tea leaves. Now pour the liquor in the henna powder and make a smooth paste. Keep it over night and in the morning apply this henna paste all over your hair and scalp. Leave it to dry for 1-2 hours and wash with shampoo.

Oil your hair: Never forget to massage your hair with coconut oil before shampooing your hair. Leave the oil in your hair for 1 hour and then apply shampoo. The oil makes your hair healthy and moisturized. The oil massage is especially required for dry hair. After applying the shampoo rinse off well with lukewarm water and let your hair dry in the air.