Tips for Healthy Hair

healthy-hair A woman considers her hair to be her greatest asset and takes great pain to take care of it. Those who are gifted with natural hair have to take less care of it but others need to devote considerable time in hair care. However, everyone should put in some effort to maintain as well as improve the condition of their hair.

Wash with Care

If you want your lovely locks to look good and shine with health then you can follow these tips. Washing hair properly is very important. You should always wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo. For dry hair you should use an egg-based herbal shampoo. For oily hair a lemon shampoo is good. Henna shampoo or fruit-based shampoo is good for normal hair.

Conditioners for Hair

After choosing the shampoo you should be careful to choose a conditioner for your hair. If you have normal or oily hair then you can condition your hair with a mixture of egg yolks, henna, lemon, and water once a week. Making just a simple hair pack or henna and water is also good for your hair. You should use this pack once in every two weeks. Here is a natural conditioner for dry hair. Mix together egg yolks, water, milk, and henna. Apply it on your hair and wash off with shampoo. Use this hair pack once a month to get manageable and soft hair.

Moisture with Hair Oil

Using hair oil is a very important part of hair care. You should oil your hair not less than once a week. This is a must for your hair. In case you have very dry and damaged hair then you can oil your hair up to two times a week. Hair oil is important because it moisturizes the hair in a proper manner. Coconut or sesame oil is a good choice for your hair.