Tips for Hair Care

hair-care-tips Hair plays a vital role in the beauty of a woman. Everybody will look ugly without properly groomed hair. It is important to properly nourish the hair to improve your appearance. Hair gets attention only next to face. On an average, our head has 100,000 hairs. Hairstyles vary based on the region. Americans, Indians and Africans will have different styled hair. Various hairstyles include The Top Braid, Side-Swept Shag and Summer Bangs.

You can seek the advice of a beautician for your hair care. Choose the proper place for your hair cut.

Various types of hair include normal hair, dry hair, fine or greasy hair, frizzy hair and grey hair. You need to select a suitable product for your hair.

Identifying the type of hair is necessary to decide hair care needs.

Dry Hair

If your hair looks rough, dull and dry, you can say it is a dry hair. It is a bit difficult to comb dry hair. It gets knotted and generally prone to split ends.

Choose concentrated moisturizing shampoo for dry hair. Apply a hot oil conditioner after washing with shampoo to open the hair cuticles. It is better to utilize blow-drying for this type of hair.

Greasy Hair

It looks greasy and flat even after washing with shampoo. It is a bit difficult to style this type of hair. You need to wash frequently when compared with other types of hair. Choose the right shampoo for your hair to reduce this problem.

Don’t wash your hair daily, as it leads to over stimulation of sebaceous glands that results in more greasy hair. The ends of hair become brittle and dry with regular washing. Don’t rub the scalp too much while washing the hair with shampoo.

Avoid intake of fatty and oily foods. Use mild shampoos for greasy hair.

Normal Hair

It remains normal and could be styled in any manner with ease. Select the shampoo suitable for normal hair.

Grey Hair

Semi-permanent color wash is suitable for people with little grey hair. A quasi color wash is necessary for people with over 30 percent grey hair.