Tips for Exam Preparation

exam-preparation Preparing for exams can really be taxing on your health and mind if you don’t have the right knowledge and resources. If you wish to excel in your exams then you should follow these simple and effective tips for exam preparation.

A Nice Time Table

Before you sit down with your books it is very essential to chalk out a proper time table. A nice time table is very important. You should prepare the time table beforehand so that you know what you have to study.

Make sure to include each and every subject in the time table. You should also include all those subjects that you don’t like. Give proper importance to all the subjects. For example, if you are weak in mathematics then you should devote more time for it and vice versa.

Time for Fun

In your time table keep some time for your short breaks. You should leave sufficient gap between difficult subjects so that your brain gets some time to absorb all that you try to learn. Don’t forget about your time for entertainment. You can listen to music, play a game or watch television for a while everyday. If you study continuously for long hours then your body and brain will get fatigued. You can also keep your brain alert by sipping a hot health beverage during your breaks.

Maintain Your Posture

Make sure you sit well while studying because your posture does count a lot.

Make sure that you are not studying while lying on your easy chair or on the bed. It is very essential to keep your spine straight. It is a good idea to place your legs a little above the ground level. This will prevent you from feeling sleepy. Thus, if you want to study seriously then you should always make it a point to sit up straight and remain alert.