Tips for Attractive Hair

attractive-hair We all love to look after our crowning glory. If you are one of them then you will surely love to learn about certain natural products that you can easily use at home to get soft, smooth, and lustrous hair. You can mix together henna powder, fenugreek powder, one egg, and green gram powder. Use this mixture as a hair pack and wash off after 20 minutes to find shiny and soft hair.

Hibiscus Power

Take a glass of water and add some Hibiscus leaves to it. Now heat this water and then strain it. Mix the juice of one lime to it and then apply it on your hair prior to shampooing. Your hair will become soft and it even works as a good tonic for your hair.

Before shampooing you can try these tips. Many claim that this tip really works like magic. All you need to do is apply some flat beer on your hair before shampooing it. This acts as a good conditioner and also tones your hair properly. It is also good for making hair shiny, silky, and bouncy.

Homemade Conditioner for Hair

Shampoo your hair and on the following day apply this hair conditioner. In order to make this you need to mix one tablespoon each of brown vinegar, olive oil, glycerin, shampoo conditioner, and castor oil. Leave this on for about 10 minutes. Wash of with lots of water and you will be surprised with the stunning result.

After Shampoo Hair Wash

Once you shampoo your hair you can use some special rinses to get attractive hair. To half a liter of water, mix one tablespoon of vinegar. Then pour this over your shampooed hair. This will make your hair shiny. You can also use strained tea liquor to wash your hair after shampooing. Your hair will become super glossy.