Tips for a Sparkling Bathroom

sparkling-bathroom Do you want your bathroom to sparkle all the time? If your answer is yes then here is what you need to know. You can easily keep the bathroom nice and clean with proper weekly cleaning. It will take care of the sink, toilet and the shower.

Cleaning Dirty Grout

If you want to clean dirty grout then you should make a paste of automatic dishwasher detergent and water and apply with a brush. Once it dries off you can clean it with a brush or you can use a terry washcloth.

Hard Water Woes

In case hard water has left behind a white film in your bathroom then you don’t have to get worried because you can find plenty of products in the market that helps in removing lime deposits. Choose a safe product and apply it on the tiles, faucets, sinks, and glass shower enclosure. Your problem will be solved.

Remove Soap Scum

Use a very gentle abrasive to removes soap scum from the shower stall. After that you have to rub with alcohol in order to get rid of any residue. Now you have to spray it with any furniture polish. You should opt for cheaper ones because they have good amounts of silicone. Finally, you have to buff it.

A Clean Rubber Bath

You can use some tire cleaner to make your rubber bath mat look brand new. Use a good brush to scrub it and then rinse it. Use can also use this agent to clean shower stall floors made of white thermoplastic.

Cleaning a Shower head

If you find that the shower head in your bathroom is clogged then you have to get rid of the mineral deposits. You have to boil a metal shower head in one quart water and half a cup of vinegar. If it is a plastic one then you should steep it in very hot water and vinegar.