Tip top – the tipping guide

tipping-guide One of the many customs associated in our daily personal and social lives is that of tipping. While it seems simple to leave some change for service provided, in reality it is not so. Some people are called ‘cheap’ for tipping too less while others may be termed as ‘show-offs’ for tipping too much.

In certain situations, tipping is essential while in some other places, it can be optional. You need to be aware of the tipping policies wherever you go, especially abroad. Following are a few general guidelines on how to tip:


Giving a generous tip shows your appreciation of a service provided to you. If you are pleased with the exceptional service at a restaurant or any other establishment, do thank the service provider and tip accordingly.

Nevertheless, stay within limits. Avoid being too zealous in your approval, and try to be discreet. It’s not a secret, of course, but then it’s not an award ceremony either.


Use your own judgment about tipping for a service. You needn’t follow your friends or companions, unless you’re a complete novice about social etiquette. In most cases, you will be aware of whether a service has been satisfactory or not, so tip accordingly.

Place matters

If you can afford to go to an upscale restaurant or saloon, you should be able to afford an extravagant tip. In such chic places, a generous tip is expected by the service provider so make sure you’re able to fulfill the requirement after the job is done well.

To tip or not to tip

If you’re displeased with the food at a particular restaurant or seriously miffed by a hotel’s shabby service, you may be in the mood for tipping. In such cases, it is your decision to give a lesser tip or no tip at all.

However, review the situation clearly. Was the service awful or just a tad careless? In case of the former, do speak to the manager of the establishment and bring the issue to their notice.

Tip right and your appreciation of someone’s service will be well rewarded.